Buying and selling real property is relatively easy to understand. But dealing with an HOA and its Bylaws and Fees are sometimes tricky. And purchasing tax property subject to a mortgage is just as tricky. These are two examples where good lawyering is useful to intervene on your behalf deal with HOA management, or to quiet title so you can earn a profit on the new rental property.

  • Property Acquisition Services
  • Title Disputes and Quiet Title Actions
  • Planning and Zoning and Variances
  • Homeowner Association Issues
  • Landlord and Tenant Matters
  • Tax and Foreclosure Sales
  • Property Tax Appeals

MY SISTER DIED and I took responsibility for her children. My sister had a house at the time of her death, but it was being foreclosed so I didn’t worry about it. Years later the attorneys who foreclosed on my sister’s house kept trying to get in contact with me, but I didn’t want to deal with them. Things seemed to get serious after receiving a certified letter, so I discussed it with MZEKEWE. He filed a series of papers with the court, and a few months later, my sister’s children received a substantial amount of money connected to the foreclosed house.  That money came at the right time, thanks to MZEKEWE.”

— JA

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