Nubiyn M. Mzekewe ESQ.

Mzekewe established a law office to handle business and real estate needs. With a background in general practice, he has thirteen successfully years helping many clients, winning awards for damages, costs, and attorneys fees. And he has helped to negotiate agreements and settlements and satisfied clients resolve problems that sometimes seemed insurmountable. Mzekewe emphasizes maximizing client interests and getting a fair deal at the negotiating table or courtroom.

Whether clients are seasoned or budding entrepreneurs living locally or abroad, Mzekewe aims to deliver good representation and advice. He is a proud resident of Metropolitan Atlanta and strives to serve as an operative for good community and entrepreneurship. Besides lawyering, Mzekewe spends time with family and friends and combs the globe for good food, festivals, and music. He loves to trek and travel with family and comrades and enjoys the path of the forever student.

Every call for legal advice is worthwhile to someone, and Mzekewe welcomes your business and invites you to ring for a consultation.

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