There are business managers, finance types and accountants. They help with bottomline numbers. Then there are lawyers who help with the law. Every investor, entrepreneur and homeowner need to have all of these professionals on speed dial. MZEKEWE has these resources, and they are at the disposal of each client with a proper retainer.

  • Finders Fee and Liaison Services
  • Business Consulting and Business Plans
  • Business Formations and Cooperatives
  • Licensing and Franchising Services
  • Bylaws and Ownership Agreements
  • Contract Consultations and Reviews
  • Contract Drafting and Preparation
  • Excess Funds
  • Publishing

MY EXPORT BUSINESS WAS SUED by a disgruntled customer who was sending good to West Africa. When the court hearing was scheduled, I had several problems: I was not in the country and did not have an attorney in Georgia; and I was sued under my individual name and under the wrong business name. I learned about MZEKEWE who appeared in court for me, and he brokered an amicable settlement to make sure no legal action would have a negative effect on my export business or my individual name. MZEKEWE is highly recommended.”


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